How is JungleGym created?
The JungleGym 2016 Race Committee began as an after school workshop for 2nd - 5th graders held on Wednesdays from October - June as part of Concrete Safaris' City Surfers after school program at PS 83 and PS 182. Children self-select to join and develop all elements of the race, including the theme, rules, course, obstacles, marketing, police and community board support, and any other necessary details. In 2016, Concrete Safaris is inviting NYC School District 4, East Harlem, schools to develop their own JungleGym Race Clubs for 2nd - 5th graders to design one obstacle, paint a tire, and invite everyone in their school community to participate in this active event.

Run of Day
Here is the schedule for June 25th, 2016:
11:00 a.m. - Races start
  • - Walk-on participants can sign up from 9:30am 
    - Race waves go off at 11:00am, 11:30am, Noon, 12:30pm, 1:00pm, and 1:30 p.m.
    - Prizes and awards will be distributed at 2:30 p.m.

    11:00-3:00pm – Sponsor tables and activity stations open for children who are finished racing or are not participating in the obstacle race.



Race obstacles will include:

Army Crawl, Tower Build, Stepping Stones, Egg-and-Spoon Race, Freeze Dance, Hopscotch, Balance Beams, Slip N Slide, Corn Hole Throw, String Lazer Maze, Tape Maze, Tire Obstacle, Sack Racing, Water Bucket Carry, Over and Under Beams, Soccer Goal Kick

New Obstacles:
Object replication – rebuild specific objects out of minecraft style blocks.  
Shape shifter – fit yourself through a series of minecraft shaped hole-in-the-walls
Cliff climb – climb horizontally around a corner
Block blitz – throw balls at a block pyramid to knock them all down
Flower maze – find your way through the low maze.  (flowers drawn all over the ground of the maze)
Fitness stations – do 20 pushups – do 20 jumping jacks – do 20 situps
Block farming – fill buckets with blocks for your tower build.  Take an empty bucket. Collect a full bucket of blocks and return it to the building site. 
Tower build – build a tower using all your blocks.  Tower must be at least 2 feet tall.  
Block renewal – recycle your tower blocks.  Put them back in the bucket and empty the bucket into the wheeler bin. 
River crossing – update from stepping stones.  Draw minecraft jellyfish in the ‘water’
Potions-tables – water tables
Bridge crossing – updated balance beams.  

Photos from past year's races.....